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A healthy and balanced diet is not only the best source of keeping you stay fit, but also gives you a powerful mind that thinks right. Following a few simple steps towards Ayurvedic way of eating will give you a healthy lifestyle change for life. A balanced diet for fat loss or the best diet food for fat loss is not the one where they ask you to cut down on local or seasonal food, or the food, which you have been raised eating. A balance diet does not differentiate food only in terms of its macronutrients but keeps in check its micronutrients as well the essence of that particular food in that region. A balanced diet will work by keeping your energy level maintained and provide you all essential sources to stay fit.

Know About Balanced Diet for Fat Loss or Diet Food for Fat Loss

Ayurvedic Soul Diet develops diet plans specifically for you with the principles of Ayurvedic – an individual approach to build and sustain healthy body and rejuvenating lifestyle. We all know that every individual has different type of body system and all types of food or same diet plan are not suitable for everyone. Ayurvedic soul diet focuses on providing balanced diet for fat loss by keeping these points into consideration

  • Prakriti- Ayurvedic body constitution of an individual. We understand through detail discussion which doshas are dominant- Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
  • Giving seasonal foods in the diet so that body assimilates the nutrients better
  • Adding regional delicacies and flavours so that one does not feel deprived of his/her home cooked or favourite food. Also as per Ayurvedic samithas, regional food is always digested better and improves metabolic function.
  • Taking into account an individual Basal Metabolic rate, life style, calorie requirement and thoughtful division of macronutrients.
  • We always give meals, which revolve around ones lifestyle and schedule not other way round.

All above helps us give personalized diet plans and lifestyle regime, which helps our clients in achieving successful fat loss, better nourishment, energy and fitter bodies.

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