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Each one of us is born with unique body constitution, which is our ‘PRAKRITI’. It is determined by our genetics, mother’s physical and emotional state during pregnancy, social environment, season and geographical location at birth. According to our ‘Prakriti’ one or combination of two doshas will be dominant in our body. Unhealthy lifestyle choices, wrong choices of food that does not suit our body type, stress and mental pressure leads to imbalance of doshas- which is called ‘VIKRITI’. Most of the time when we suffer from health problems, weight gain, mental health issues, it is because of ‘VIKRITI’. Ayurvedic body types are described according to physical structure, digestive system and cognitive nature of a person. Doshas are foundation of Ayurveda. They comprises of energetic forces of nature, which is essence of our existence in the world. There are three types of doshas, which are made from combinations of bio elements. All three of them can be found in everyone and everything, but in different proportions.









Maintaining a balance among all three doshas is the key to good health and longevity.

Body Frame

Tall or short, Thin, poorly developed Physique

Medium height, Moderately developed Physique

Stout, stocky, big, well developed Physique

Body Weight

Light, difficult to gain weight

Moderate Weight

Heavy, gains weight Easily

Skin Texture

Dry, rough or cracked, prominent veins

Moist, Pink, slightly oily, combination

Pale, moist, soft, oily

Hair Quality

Coarse, Dry, Split ends, Brown-Black

Fine, soft, early greying or balding

Abundant, Oily, thick, lustrous, Dark Black

Face Shape

Small, thin, long

Medium sized, oval, angular

Large, round

Teeth & Gums

Small, roomy, stick out,dark and thin gums

Medium size teeth, soft, pink, tender gums which are prone to bleeding

Healthy, white teethand strong gums

Quality of Hands & Nails

Thin, dry and cold hands long fingers, rough and cracked nails

Medium sized hand and warm, symmetrical fingers and strong nails

Large cool hands, short and thick fingers, smooth, white nails

Digestive Strength

Variable, erratic or weak

Strong, able to digest mostly anything

Medium or slow but steady

Digestive disturbance from problem food

Intestinal gas, constipation, bloating

Acidity, burning or stomach gets upset easily

Bloated feeling, heaviness, feeling of fullness

Food cravings

Dry, sweet or salty, crispy snack foods

Spicy, salty, hot

Sweet, creamy, cold

Eating Habits

Bingers, snacks, forgets to eat, long gaps in eating

Likes regular main meals, prefers timely eating

Likes to munch most of the time, tends to over eat


Erratic, no fixed time, dry, constipated

Everyday at regular time, loose, may get loose motions easily

Moderate, solid, regular everyday, may get mucus in stools

Blood Circulation

Poor, variable, cold hands and feet

Good, warm hands and feet

Slow, steady cool hands and feet


Variable, erratic, easily satisfied

Strong, needs proper meals and good quantity

Steady but low


Quick, fast, hyperactive, needs change quickly

Motivated, purposeful, goal seeking, energetic

Methodical, steady and slow

Strength and Endurance

Poor endurance, starts and stops

Moderate level of endurance

Strong, good endurance

Sensitivity to Environment

Dislike of cold, wind, sensitive to dryness, seeks warmth

Dislike of heat or direct sun, likes coolness

Dislike to cold, likes wind and sun

Resistance to Disease

Poor, variable, weak immune System

Medium, prone to infection

Good, consistent, strong immune system

Speech Habits

Quick, talkative, inconsistent, erratic

Moderate, argumentative, convincing

Slow and clear, concise, not talkative

Mental Nature & Decision making

Quick, adaptable, indecisive, impulsive

Factual, practical, sharp, critical

Calm, steady, reflective and considerate


Light, tends towards insomnia, restless

Moderate, may wake up but will fall asleep again

Heavy, sleepier during day, difficulty in waking up in the morning

Emotional Tendencies

Anxious, fearful, nervous, worries

Frustrated, irritable, angry, dominating

Calm, attached, sentimental

Cognitive Tendencies

Creative, intuitive, inquisitive

Helpful, disciplined, dynamic, independent

Caring, kind, family oriented, stable

Social Relations

Relates easily, can be superficial

Relates well; can be dominating

Relates with difficulty

Mental Relation to objects

Not very important, erratic

To know about, purposeful

Important to have or own, practical


Has many but not deep

Has close or several

Has few but very deep

Life Goals

Change frequently, not so important

Determined, very important

Fixed for life early


Learn quickly, forget quickly

Good memory, medium

Good long-term memory, slow learning


Quick and easy, like s to stroll

Medium or fast and strides

Walk slowly and saunter


Small, sunken, dry, active, frequently blinking, grey/brown

Sharp, sensitive to light, yellowish or reddish sclera

Big & calm, black/dark brown