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Reverse Metabolic Syndrome Diet

Metabolic syndrome is the epidemic that has clutched today’s world. Obesity along with various ailing conditions along with it- Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, high triglycerides, Insulin resistance and dysmetabolic syndrome. The number of people with metabolic syndrome increases with age, affecting more than 30 to 40 % of people in their age, between 50’s to 70’s.

Wrong lifestyle choices- eating junk and non-nutritive food, not exercising, excessive drinking, smoking, sleeping, and stressful environment are few main factors for metabolic syndrome. In some cases it is genetic also.


Ayurvedic Diet focuses on making metabolism efficient and functional. Most metabolic syndrome occursdue to imbalance of certain doshas in body, which becomes against our Prakriti. Such imbalances lead to metabolic dysfunction. At Ayurvedic Soul, we provide diet plan where food choices are changed to balance doshas. It does not only helps in reducing weight but improves health conditions and assimilation of nutrients in body