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Balanced Hormone Diet

Are you one of those who has PCOD/ PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, and insulin sensitivity or due to age or any other factors have imbalanced level of progesterone and estrogen? Do you suffer from weight gain even though you are trying to eat healthy, getting facial hair and acne and having hair fall. Most of the treatments given in hormone related conditions does not help us recover. They might give us temporary relieve but moment we leave our medicines it comes back. In such scenarios, person life becomes dependent on medicines, which has its own side effect.


To balance our hormones it is essential that one improves their diet and leads a healthy lifestyle. In Ayurveda, Superfoods have been given that regulates hormones, improves enzymes along with diet that balances doshas, which govern the hormones. Ayurvedic diet is key towards regulating hormones that helps us to lose weight and recover from other symptoms like hairfall, acne, facial hair and more.