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Ayurvedic diet remedies for IBS

This is an overdue feedback on Ruhi’s diet plan (I am sorry for thanking you so late) Ruhi has been nothing short of a miracle in terms of her tailored plans and remedies for chronic IBS patient, thats me! I would run away from food, feed myself bare minimum and live on bread and coffee to avoid feeling bloated and getting that annoying feeling of fullness after a meal. Things have changed now, I’m eating, in small portions. Food that is light on my gut and I feel fine on eating my four meals a day. For my condition Ruhi incorporated fermented food diet in my diet plans which really helped my digestive and acid reflux issues. She comes up with innovative recipes that are simple to make at home and absolutely delicious at the same time! I feel lucky to have come across a nutritionist who listens to all my problems and addresses each issue giving me full information on why a specific food item or even a remedy would be beneficial for me. I would highly recommend Ruhi to anyone who is scared of eating, has chronic gut issues or even someone who would wish to lead a healthier lifestyle. Her plans are easy to follow and Ruhi has a solution to every problem! (Food related ???? ) Thank you so much Ruhi!Forever in debted