Ayurvedic Diet focuses on Agni, improving metabolism of human body for better digestion and assimilation of food.Ayurvedic Soul Diet has been instrumental in transforming people's health and fitness level across the globe, with clients from India, China, USA, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore and Bhutan. We have been delighted to be Health Coach to clients from corporates Nestle, ITC, Snapdeal, Amazon, KPMG, E&Y, Futures First, Johnson & Johnson, Deloitte and more. Our vision is to make Ayurvedic Diet easiest and sustainable for everyone!

Ayurvedic soul diet

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Have you been on diets several times where you did lose weight only to gained back double, or felt miserable because you could not follow it. It is essential that we move to a clean eating lifestyle that does not deprive us from our love for food and helps us in sustaining a healthy body and mind.

Every individual has different body type; hence all types of food or same diet plan will not suit everyone. Ayurvedic Soul Diet focuses on planning nutrition charts as per food that suits one’s Ayurvedic body constitution and calorie requirement.


Ruhi Rajput founder of Ayurvedic Soul is certified in Ayurvedic Dietetics and Nutrition and has pursued Diploma in Natural Health- Diet and Nutrition from ICI, Australia.

Know your Ayurvedic body type

Ayurvedic soul diet

Each one of us is born with unique body constitution, which is our ‘PRAKRITI’. It is determined by our genetics, mother’s physical and emotional state during pregnancy, social environment, season and geographical location at birth. According to our ‘Prakriti’ one or combination of two doshas will be dominant in our body.
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Metric system

Underweight less than 20
Normal 20-25
Overweight 25-30
Obese 30-40
Morbidly Obese more than 40
Metric system

Ayurvedic Diet Packages

Fat loss Diet

Whenever we take a step towards getting fit, our main aim is to lose weight. But is that the righ...

Reverse Metabolic Syndrome Diet

Metabolic syndrome is the epidemic that has clutched today’s world. Obesity along with vari...

Balanced Hormone Diet

Are you one of those who has PCOD/ PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, and insulin sensitivity or due ...

Good Gut Diet

What is Gut? Gut is our small intestine where digestion and assimilation of nutrients take place ...

GarbhaSanskar- Nine Months Pregnancy Diet

It is now universally proven that the fetus is not mindlessbut a highly responsive and evolving h...

Post Natal Ayurvedic Diet for 45 days

In Ayurveda, post delivery for forty- five days is important that the new mother takes complete r...

Ayurvedic Diet Guide-12 week diet program

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I was having slight headaches almost every day and was also very lethargic. I consulted Ruhi for Ayurvedic diet plan. This was my second time. The first time was when I wanted to lose weight and it worked wonders. This time was purely for other reasons...

Debahuty Bora

Ruhi is an excellent companion to guide you through your weight loss journey. Her realistic and practical approach to day-to-day meal planning makes it so easy to eat better, get healthier and stay that way. It doesn't matter whether you cook at home, eat out a lot, or travel all over the world...

Dhruv Chopra

Ruhi introduced me to the Ayurveda way of life by recommending dietary and lifestyle changes based on my body type. The best part about her diet is that you can become fitter and healthier without compromising on your favourite food. Thanks Ruhi...

Susmita Sumi

Ayurvedic Soul is just a complete statement in itself. I must tell you that Ruhi, is deep into it and shares and encourages each of her clients to go for a cleaner lifestyle, which involves a healthy routine, basic food with ayurvedic twists and minimal workout...

Priyankka Sethia

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