Ayurvedic Soul is a movement, that has been joined by more than 2000 people since 2018. It is a community that believes in the power of holistic healing with natural and indigenous practices of Ayurveda.
Food if chosen correctly, is a powerful healer. Eating what is right for ‘YOUR’ body is the core of Ayurvedic Diet. At Ayurvedic Soul, we have designed programs that guide you towards your journey of Ayurvedic Lifestyle, where your body opens up to the power of universal and natural healing.
Eat, Breath, and Practice Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle with us!!!

Lifestyle Program

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I had the pleasure working with Ruhi for nutrition and PCOS counseling. Throughout my lifetime, I have tried many different ways to cure my PCOS and acne but have always failed. With Ruhi’s program I learned...

Priya Singla

Before starting my meal plans with Ruhi, I used to feel lethargic & weak. By the time it is 12 pm, my body nearly gives up and I had to take a nap leaving all the work behind My sugar levels used to fluctuate a lot...

Tanu Bharadwaj

All you need to do is give this program a try! I have always wanted to change my eating habits to manage my diabetes. I came across Ruhi's diet plan that has been working for me amazingly well...

Kanika Sharma

I had PCOD and insulin resistance. I am 25 years old and my HBa1c was 7 plus which was quite alarming. I was worried that I might become diabetic sooner in life. But I joined Ruhi Rajput’s diet program and within 3 months...

Rupal Kaushik

Diet Programs

Ashtanga Diet

Ashtanga Diet has been created by putting the essence of Ayurveda, into eight important food prin...

Balanced Hormone Diet

Hormone misfires could be because of unhealthy lifestyle choices, poor gut health, or genetics. I...

Good Gut & Auto-Immune Diet

Are you ‘what you eat’? Ayurveda refers ‘we are what we digest’. Gut syst...

Sutika Diet- Post Natal Ayurvedic Diet

Ayurveda refers to a woman as ‘Sutika’ for 45 days or for 90 days after delivery. Tho...

Know your Ayurvedic body type

Ayurvedic soul diet

Each one of us is born with unique body constitution, which is our ‘PRAKRITI’. It is determined by our genetics, mother’s physical and emotional state during pregnancy, social environment, season and geographical location at birth. According to our ‘Prakriti’ one or combination of two doshas will be dominant in our body. Unhealthy lifestyle choices, wrong choices of food that does not suit our body type, stress and mental pressure leads to imbalance of doshas- which is called ‘VIKRITI’. Most of the time when we suffer from health problems, weight gain, mental health issues, it is because of ‘VIKRITI’. Ayurvedic body types are described according to physical structure, digestive system and cognitive nature of a person. Doshas are foundation of Ayurveda. They comprises of energetic forces of nature, which is essence of our existence in the world. There are three types of doshas, which are made from combinations of bio elements. All three of them can be found in everyone and everything, but in different proportions.
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Ayurvedic soul diet

Meet our team

Ruhi Rajput founded Ayurvedic Soul Private Limited with a vision to make Ayurvedic diet & Lifestyle easy and sustainable for everyone, which can be easily conglomerated with our modern-day lifestyle challenges. She believes that our body has strong natural healing mechanisms, which need continuous nourishment and care. It is essential that we move to a clean eating lifestyle that does not deprive us from our love for food and helps us sustain a healthy body and mind with holistic Ayurveda.

Ruhi Rajput is a certified expert in Ayurvedic Dietetics and Nutrition and has pursued Natural health Diet and Nutrition.

Vibhuti is a marketing & branding manager at Ayurvedic Soul. Pvt. Ltd. She manages the company's end-to-end digital presence (website, app, and social media channels) from strategy development to content creation, running campaigns, and organizing workshops.

She is a Journalism & Mass Communication graduate and has done PG Certification in Digital Marketing. She has experience working with multiple startups in the area of Personnel Wellness, Education, Home Decor, and Retail.

Vibhuti is passionate about physical & mental well-being and wants to create a healthier and safer place for everyone. She has been part of various meditation retreats and health bootcamps, and actively supports various causes related to climate change, prevention of child sexual abuse, and women's empowerment.

Ayurvedic soul diet
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