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21 days fit me up programme- Quick Restart to your fitness Journey

There are lot of times when we lack the motivation or are not sure on how to go back to the fitness regime. Sometimes after a long hiatus, or a periodic laziness when you feel the inches adding up around you. But you look at the calendar and a special date is approaching, you know the only way is to bounce back immediately to a regime of healthy meals and workout.

These three weeks are exactly what you are looking for. A fast paced yet healthy approach, where we help you to meet your goal. No crash diet or fad diets, only healthy sustainable programme where we embark towards reaching optimal weight.

In these three weeks, we promise to be your mentor and guide you through every step and look forward for your wholehearted accountability.

21 days Program guide:

Week 1- Detox and Metabolic Reset- In this first week, we will prepare a detox meal plan that will help in cleaning all the toxins and also in improving your metabolic fire, ’Agni’ .

Week 2- Anti-inflammatory Diet – Are you one of those who has experienced that you have tried everything and still your body is not dropping any weight. Inflammation is one of the main causes, why you don’t start feeling leaner. In this week we will add adaptogenic anti oxidant rich and anti-inflammatory diet to help you meet your goal.

Week 3- Energizing Prana Flow- It is important when you work towards reaching your optimal weight goal, energy and glow should stay intact and rather improve. A Pranic diet helps smooth flow of energy in the body and keeps us not just physically healthy but also gives mental stability.

  1. Weekly interaction with in house nutritionist from Ruhi Rajput’s team
  2. Weekly healthy meal plans
  3. Weekly planed workout videos
  4. Premium Ayurvedic Soul App access
  5. Pre recorded videos from Ruhi Rajput
  6. Recipes
  7. Mentor support on watsapp
  8. Wellbeing guidance

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