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Most of the time a very common query I receive from my clients, especially women, is about hair fall. In general, statements that are made are “ I am having so much of hair fall, soon I will become bald” and “ I use to have such lovely thick, long and black hair but I don’t know what happened to them”. Well, Ladies a lot has happened- pregnancy, menopause, stress, pollution, lack of attention towards oneself and nutrients deficit in our bodies.

According to Ayurveda, health of our hair is associated with our bones, nails and teeth. So if you are having hair fall, probability are high that your bones, nails and teeth are also affected. It is important to understand the severity of hair fall. If you are having severe hair fall for months, please do get your thyroid, vitamin D, calcium, iron and vitamin B12 checked first.

Today, shiny packaged low calorie food items, skimmed milk, low fat cheese and oil blinds us, that we don’t realize how important micronutrients are to sustain healthy body. When we were young we ate delicious home cooked food, which are high on its nutrients value without thinking how much sugar, carb or fat we are eating. But today we will not have gajak in winters because it has sugar or gur (jaggery) in it but are willingly having so called digestive biscuits that are loaded with sugar and trans fat. This is one of the critical reasons for not having thick, long, lustrous hair anymore like the way you had earlier. The custom of having certain traditional food item in a particular season has deeper requirement than just taste.

What we can do to reduce hair fall?

1. Oil Massage
In Ayurveda, oil massage has been given utmost important to improve and maintain good quality of hair. Oil prepared from Bringharaj , also known as false daisy is very effective for growth and to reduce greying of hair. Sesame oil during winter and coconut oil in summer should be used for massaging. Put red hibiscuses flower in the oil and heat it and massage your scalps.

2. Food items to be taken

White sesame seeds are filled with nutrients like copper, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B1 and amino acids. Have one-teaspoon everyday in the morning and add it in your food. Now you know why I spoke about gajak earlier. Both sesame seeds and gur helps recover our dry brittle hair from falling in winter. Have fruits like Banana and dry fruits like Kaju (cashews), figs and raisins in your diet that are high in magnesium, zinc and iron.

3. Anutailam

Anutailam, an Ayurvedic nose drop available in Ayurvedic stores should be applied at night to treat hair fall. Anutailam is more effective during spring and rainy season. Use 2 drops in each nostril two to three times in a week.

4. Super Food: Indian Gooseberry

Amla (Indian gooseberry) is the super food, which is most powerful remedy against ageing. Have Amla juice mixed with warm water in the morning and also use its powder as hair mask.

Last but not the least have meals that are packed with nutrients and makes you feel happy. If you are happy most likely it is that you will manage stress better. And less stress will lead to lesser hair fall.

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  • Niharika Khausal
    2022-05-20 18:13:26
    Comment: This blog has helped in resolving all the queries i had about the hair fall. But i have a single question about the substitute oils i can use for the massage.


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