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Benefits of Vetiver, Khas grass in Ayurveda

Ayurveda believes that each food item available has a certain beneficial Guna, quality in them, which helps our body. Every living thing has a certain influence on these Three Doshas in Ayurveda, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in them. 

Ushira, Vetiver, or khas grass is coolant and balances Pitta. Therefore it is a very beneficial drink in hot summers. 

Benefits of Khas grass or Vetiver, according to Ayurveda:

  1. Cooling Drink: It is cooling in nature and helps reduce heatstroke in summer. It relieves a burning sensation and is also a helpful remedy for UTI (Urinary tract infection).

  2. Helps in Detox: Vetiver-soaked water can be used as detox water. It falls under the Ayurvedic Dravya guna category of Pachana, which means cleansing. It helps in removing AMA (toxins) from our gut system and also tissues.

  3. Improves digestion & reduces acidity: As it is Pitta balancing it is very helpful if someone has gastritis and heartburn.

  4. Anti- Inflammatory: Vetiver reduces Pitta imbalance and people with high Pitta dosha are acidic and have inflammatory problems in the body.


How to prepare Vetiver or Khas grass water

Take dry grass and wash it thoroughly 2-3 times in running water. Put the grass in a pot and add fresh drinking water. Let the water boil with grass for 10-15 minutes. You will be able to smell the earthy aroma of Vetiver.  Remove it from the stove, sieve the water, and let it cool down. Once it is cooled, Vetiver detox water is ready for drinking.

(Video link - How to prepare Vetiver or khas grass detox water)

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