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Heal Hormones with Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, the woman is considered to be “Shakti”. Their bodies are complex yet powerful constantly changing and adapting to all life changes from childhood, menstrual cycles, to pregnancy, motherhood, and later menopause. A woman's body goes changes since childhood at the very first change appears when she starts having periods called Menarche in Ayurveda it says “Rajo Darshanam”

Ayurveda is a holistic science of healing. This unique balance or body constitution is called Prakriti, and it's influenced by the dominant Dosha of the individual person.

In Ayurveda, Hormones are called Dhatu Agni which is a part of Pitta Dosha and they are supported by blood called Rakta Pitta. So, imbalance i.e., “Vikruti” of hormones is when you have an irregular diet or lifestyle, body weight, stress levels, and presence of excess toxins (Ama) in the body with this if your hormone is overproduction (“Athi Srava Granthi”) excess amount of secretion that’s an imbalance as well as underproduction of hormone (“Heena Srava Granthi”) resulting poor quality of needed in the body causes Imbalance. Ayurveda states on three pillars i.e., “Sthambhas” in the form of dosha which are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Any of these get disturb from body it shows the sign of “Vikruti”.

For Vata Imbalance- This means the Rasa Dhatu is deficient in the body and may result in a scanty period. This final sub dosha of Vata is based on colon and pelvic activity which is called “Apana Vayu” it helps to eliminate the waste in the form of feces, urination, semen, and menstruation. Thus, results in systemic dryness which means they may have dry skin, as well as internal dryness in the body. So Vata dosha creates deficiencies in rasa dhatu on menstrual flow and fertility.

For Pitta Imbalance- When the Rasa Dhatu is overheated the person may experience excess heat in the entire body. Women with more pitta tend to have heavier bleeding and feeling of heat throughout the cycle and their sperm are lacking the ability to fertilize eggs. 

For Kapha Imbalance- This overproduces Rasa Dhatu. Women with Kapha dosha tend to take a long time to start and to end.  Women with Kapha have mucus in the blood which creates water retention, bloating, swollen breasts, and feel lethargy.

Below are some of the herbs for hormone balance that you can use regularly- 

  1. Coconut- Good fat and good cholesterol to avoid period irregularity.
  2. Barley- Rich in magnesium and reduce PMS symptoms
  3. Garden cress seed- Rich in iron and folic acid
  4. Licorice- Adaptogenic acid and helps in managing stress symptoms
  5. Walnut- Rich in omega 3 and anti-inflammatory
  6. Shatavari- A high antioxidant to regulate hormone

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  • Vaishnavi Khanna
    2022-05-20 17:49:06
    Comment: I have been surfing the web today, yet i didn't Found any well explained blog like this. It really helped me get to know about how ayurveda can help in healing the hormones.


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