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Importance of Spring Detox

According to the Ayurveda spring season, Vasantha Ritucharya is the most beautiful and gives the feeling of joy. During this season climate is warmer and goes through a shift from the chilly winter season. Ayurveda believes that Panchkarma or seasonal detoxification is the key to keeping our digestive fire, and metabolism strong and giving a boost to immunity.

Why Ayurveda Spring Detox is necessary?

In winters (sishira) our digestive fire, Agni is high and tends to consume more fats and spices. But due to a sedentary lifestyle during winter, our body is not able to absorb these types of food. This unabsorbed food in our gut system accumulates and becomes AMA (toxins. At the start of the spring season, Kapha Dosha is aggravated, because of which our Agni, metabolism becomes very weak. There is an accumulation of mucus in the body. Immunity is weaker and health issues like cold and cough, congestion, and viral are at their peak. Therefore Ayurveda detox is important during this period.

Navaratri fast during the Spring season

Navratri comes in the spring season and as a tradition, it has its scientific logic for observing 7-8 days of fast for an Ayurveda Spring cleanse diet.

Navaratri Meal Plan for 8 days


POST WAKEUP (PRE WORKOUT); Warm water 2 glasses

AND HOUR AFTER WATER- 2 tbsp ghee with warm water

BEFORE BREAKFAST; Drink 1 liter of warm water

BREAKFAST (AFTER 30 MINUTES); 1 cup Papaya with 1 tsp. roasted pumpkin seeds

MID- MORNING SNACK – 6 pcs. Soaked raisins

LUNCH (BEFORE 2 PM; 4 tbsp. amaranth flour roti with 1 katori  lauki sabzi

EVENING (4-5 PM); 1 cup green tea with 1 tbsp. roasted peanut

DINNER- (7.7.30 PM); Sweet potato chat




Immunity-Boosting Green juice; Giloy leaves+ moringa+ 1 small carrot+ 1 small Amla grind them together.

BEFORE BREAKFAST- Barnyard kanji (Samak Rice kanji) – 20gm 2 tbsp. (soak 2 tbsp. spoon of cook rice in water overnight. Give a quick grind to the water with rock salt.

BREAKFAST (AFTER 30 MINUTES); Handful of nuts with tea

MID-MORNING SNACK; 1 glass of coconut water with 1 tsp. roasted sunflower seeds

LUNCH (BEFORE 2 PM); 1 Katori Sabutdana khichdi with 1 Katori beetroot curd

EVENING (4-5 PM); 1 Steamed apple medium with 1 tsp. roasted flax seeds

DINNER- (7.7.30 PM); Samak idli with Home-made green chutney (mint- coriander)



POST WAKEUP; Coriander seeds water 1 cup (1 tsp. soaked coriander seeds, boil them and filter the seeds, drink

BREAKFAST (AFTER 30 MINUTES); 2 Amaranth chenna paneer cheela with green chutney (home-made) with milk tea

MID-MORNING SNACK; 1 glass of Lemon water with 1 tsp. chia seeds

LUNCH (BEFORE 2 PM) – Singhada Atta roti + 1 Katori pumpkin sabzi with 1 Katori Kheera raita

EVENING (4-5 PM); 2 rajgira ladoo with milk tea


DINNER- (7.7.30 PM); 3 Samak paneer Tikki with coconut chutney


DAY 6, 7 AND 8 

POST WAKEUP; CCF tea (Add coriander fennel cumin 1 tsp. each boil them filter the seeds and drink

BEFORE BREAKFAST- Immunity-Boosting Green juice; Giloy leaves+ moringa+ 1 small carrot+ 1 small Amla grind them together.

BREAKFAST (AFTER 30 MINUTES); 1 Samak dosa with Coconut Chutney

MID-MORNING SNACK; 1 Katori Makhana kheer with a handful of nuts

LUNCH (BEFORE 2 PM); 3 Sabutdana paneer vada with 1 Katori vegetable curd with green chutney (home-made)

EVENING (4-5 PM); Soaked walnut with milk tea

DINNER- (7.7.30 PM); Rajgira roti with 1 katori petha sabzi

POST-DINNER- Luke-warm cinnamon milk

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  • Kiran Mehta
    2022-05-20 18:37:28
    Comment: The information provided in the blog is very helpful. the way the diet is distributed according to the navratri days is appreciated. would really love to read more informational blogs like this one.


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