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Remedies for Cold and Immunity for kids

Continuous seasonal cough in kids can be stressful for parents. The seasonal allergy season is ongoing. And because of previous lockdown, kid immunity has come down a lot. And now they are up and running going to school and other social activities. Kids have started to fall sick more than ever. 

Some home remedies and food that can be included-

Honey- Honey has Anti-Bacterial properties. Therefore, very effective in keeping antibiotics away.

Citrus fruit- It just goes without saying Vitamin C is good of immunity. Kids between 1-8 years old need 25-60 mg of vitamin C. One orange a day is sufficient. 

Nutmeg- A dash of nutmeg will always help in giving them strength and energy. 

Liquorice- Liquorice helps in removing access phlegm. Half teaspoon of liquorice powder will do the magic.

Holy basil leaves- Small leaves of Tulsi has Anti-bacterial, Anti-Viral and Anti-Fungal properties. It is rich in vitamin C and Zinc which helps in boosting immunity.

Turmeric- So much has been researched and said about turmeric. I just want to add, use raw turmeric in winter. It is seasonal with a purpose. 

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