Can I use your services if I live out of the states/ country?

Yes, personalised consultation and diet plans can be taken via phone calls and video calls.

How will I get my diet plans?

You will receive your diet plans in your profile on the app/website/marketplace portal every week that you will make after registering for any diet plans.

How do I book a consultation?

You can book an appointment under the 'make an appointment tab.

Can I schedule an appointment for my child?

Yes, children of 10 years or above must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If I want to cancel an active subscription or want a refund, what can I do? Check Refund Policy

If I want to cancel an active subscription or want a refund, what can I do?

Can I pay with my International Card?

Absolutely! Making a payment with an international card is easy. Simply use the 'PayPal' payment gateway during checkout.

Where can I find my enrolled diet plan?

You can see it in the ‘Meal’ section.

I have some medical conditions. Will those be accounted for when I enrolled for diet plan packages?

Yes. Your Nutritionist will have a detailed discussion with you on past and current medical conditions. The diet plan will then be designed keeping your medical condition information provided by you in account.

Where will I get workout, meditation, and recipes videos?

You will get all the workout, mediation and other video recommendations in the ‘Ayurvedic Lifestyle’ tab.

Will I get all the details on the existing and upcoming packages?

Yes, all the existing and active plans will be shared in the website/app home feed.

How many times can I take an Ayurvedic doctor consultation?

You can take as many times as you need, you can book consultation from the “Consult” tab.

How many times will I get follow-up from the Nutritionist?

You will get it once a week.

Will I be getting Medical supplies from you?

No, Our doctors in the panel can only prescribe the medicines, you have to buy any kind of medical supplies by yourself.

Where can I see my details?

You can easily see it in the ‘My Profile’ section.

What if I cannot continue or complete my diet program after taking meal plans for a certain period?

In such a case, you can get an extension of 30 days that you can take together or split it in small parts.

Where can I contact if the app is not working or showing some error?

We are reachable at - +91 99714 98156