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Ashtanga Diet

Ashtanga Diet has been created by putting the essence of Ayurveda, into eight important food principles. Astanga diet is not only about food, but also about the Ayurvedic lifestyle. It is an Ayurvedic diet to heal you with powerful energies of nature.

If you are troubled by any lifestyle health problems like Triglycerides, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes or Pre Diabetes, Fatty liver or Sluggish liver, or if you are trying to become fitter and healthy. Ashtanga diet will not just help you become healthier but will teach you to be on a sustainable way of eating forever.

The eight Ayurvedic food principles of Ashtanga Diet are - 

  1. Understanding your Ayurvedic body type and how each dosha is affecting your body everyday.
  2. How one should eat according to Ritucharya (season) and Dincharya (day) and how our digestion is affected
  3. How various food items help achieve three important aspect of Ayurvedic Diet
    • Pachana- Cleaning food category (40% of our plate)
    • Deepana- Metabolic stimulant food category (10% of our plate)
    • Rasayana- Augmenting or Nourishing food category (50% of our plate)
  4. Apathya and Pathya food in Ayurveda. What is the right way to combine various food categories? Some of the wrong combination that leads to major heath problems.
  5. Improving Agni and strengthening digestive enzymes for better gut health
  6. Spices from our kitchen that works as a healer.
  7. Herbs are used as regular part of diet that has therapeutic properties
  8. Ayurvedic meals that have positive and nourishing effects on our mind, body, and soul. These meals are designed to govern the right flow of energies in our body- Air, Space, Water, Earth, and Fire.

Duration and Price of the program

       1 MONTH  - 

  • With Ruhi 1 month 10000 + GST 

  • With Ruhi's Nutrition team 1 month 6000 + GST

       3 MONTHS  - 

  • With Ruhi 3 months 22000 + GST

  • With Ruhi's Nutrition team 3 months 15000 + GST

       Doctor consultation is available as per the client's need.

(Note: Payment amount might differ if used PayPal, due to overseas transaction costs.)

What all is included:

  • Weekly follow-ups and motivational support from Ruhi
  • Detailed weekly meal plans designed as per your Ayurvedic body type and therapeutic need.
  • Easy Ayurvedic recipes from bibles of Ayurveda
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle and workout guidelines
  • Emotional and well-being support