Gradually the temperature is coming down, taking along health with viral fever, cold, cough and allergies. Fasting and going through detox during seasonal change helps us rejuvenate our body and boost immune system. In Ayurveda it is mentioned that Vata diminishes and Pitta is in its aggravating stage in our body. Hence giving right nourishment and relaxation to our digestive system helps us overcome seasonal health problems. Also the right food and diet plan, which we have shared later, will help in reducing few extra kilos which has been stubbornly stuck to us.

Super foods to eat this Navratra:

1.Sweet Potato: Sweet potatoes contain unique proteins, called sporamins, which account for more than 80% of the total proteins. They have antioxidant properties and helps in relieving joint pain especially in winters.
2.Buckwheat: Commonly known as Kuttu ka atta, it is rich in flavonoids, particularly rutin. Flavonoids are phytonutrients that protect against disease by extending the action of vitamin C and acting as antioxidants. Also maintains blood flow and lowers blood pressure.
3.Sogo: Popularly known as Sabu dana, Ayurveda has used Sabu dana as medicine to cool body. As Pitta is high during this month, which means increase in digestive fire and production of excess bile which leads to acidity, Sabu dana’s cooling properties helps alleviating the same.
4.Rajgira: Populary known as Amaranth has vitamin c to help boost immunity, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium and twice the amount of calcium as milk. It has lysine, an essential amino acid which helps in metabolizing fatty acids. It is easy to digest which helps our body during fasting.
5.Samak Chawal: It tastes very similar to rice and helps to satiate one’s rice craving. It is also called Barnyard grass and this rice is actually made from. Samak is high on digestive fiber and is low on calories and carbohydrate.
6.Lotus Seeds: In India we call it Makhanas, are good source of protein and calcium and have anti aging properties.
7.Seasonal Vegetables: It is always right to have vegetables and fruits which grow only during that particular season. So stick to Beet,Cabbage,Cauliflower,Lettuce, Radish,Turnip,Bananas,Apple, and Guava etc.

9 days Diet Plan:

Day1: Start your day by having 10-15 ml of ghee (if possible mixed with Triphala) and luke warm water empty stomach in the morning. Keep having luke warm water during the day. It will help in clearing your stomach through purgation and detoxifying digestive system. Have sabudana water during day and fruits. For dinner have sabudana kichri (Always try to have dinner between 6 pm- 7pm)
Day2: Fruits/coconut water/Rajgira chapattis with vegetable curry
Day3: Sweet potato/few nuts/ Jaggery Lassi/kuttu atta (buckwheat) chapattis and vegetables
Day4: Fruits/Yogurt/ sabudana Jaggery kheer /Samak rice/Paneer.
Day5: Fruits/Nuts/hung curd salad/Rajgira/ vegetables
Day6: Fruits/makhana and sweet potato jaggery kheer/Samak rice dosa with coconut chutney
Day7: Fresh fruit smoothie/nuts/Sabudana kichri
Day8: Sweet potato/Yogurt/Fruits/buckwheat/vegetables
Day9:when you break your fast go slow on eating Prasad. It is important to have Prasad but always start with small quantities as your body will not be use to heavy food

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