When we talk about Ayurvedic diet, firstly it is important that people understand the benefits of eating regional or local food and according to season.
Ayurvedic diet vegetable- Turnip
Season of the vegetable- Winter
Latin name- Rapum
Hindi name- Shalgam

Ayurvedic Qualities (Dravya Guna)

Taste (Rasha)- Astringent, Pungent
Potency (Virya)- Hot
Digestive Juice (Vipaka)- Pungent
Texture Quality (Guna)- Rough and dry
Effect on dosha- Kapha decreases

Benefit of Turnip

1. Rich in Vitamin C- As lot of us face problems of cold and cough during winter, it is helpful in boosting immunity because of being rich in vitamin C

2. Rich in vitamin K- Good for people with diabetes as vitamin k helps in blood clotting which is mostly a concern with people who has diabetes. Therefore very useful as a part of diabetes diet

3. Turnip is diuretic in nature – It helps in reducing water retention. It is very useful to lower blood pressure and edema.

4. Helps in weight loss- Being astringent and pungent in nature, turnip improves metabolism and helps in reducing weight.

Therefore it is an essential part of Ayurvedic diet in winter- Eat Regional and Seasonal!

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